…..And if you’ve been practicing every day for 40 days, what have you experienced?  How has your practice changed?  Has anything in your life changed, or shifted?  What have you discovered about yourSELF?  These are all rhetorical questions, of course, but nonetheless – they are worth asking.

I’ve intentionally been a little more quiet these last 8 days or so, for several reasons.  I wanted to give everyone participating their own space – free of any  opinion or influence.  I wanted you to do this on your own, to show up for YOU.  And I found that practice for me over the last week has been very personal.  A lot of meditation and contemplation, a lot of (very) necessary layer-peeling.

When you think about it, this is pretty powerful – putting yourSELF first for 40 days.  How often do we end up last on our own list?  How often do we neglect something that seems so basic – conscious breathing?  How much better do you feel?

Keep practicing…


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  1. Thank you Beth for sharing yourself during the 30 days and allowing us to be with ourselves for the last 10:) As we age, wisdom becomes exponential. Having already peeled away many layers of the onion (so to speak), I’m very close to the nucleus of who I am, and still much more has been and will be revealed. My physical practice has become deeper on all levels, and meditation happens instantaneously with very little suggestion.
    That meditation we did at the end of the balancing workshop was great! The rays of the moon were beaming through from the back of my head through between my eyebrows, AND I could clearly see the five pointed star reflecting the light very brightly, it was awesome…Thank you again!

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