41 Bows

41bowsA few weeks ago I was teaching a Power Yoga class.  The first blessing was that t 41 people showed up at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday morning!  We had so much fun, and the energy of the class was fabulous.  When we moved into backbends, I was thrilled to see that ALL 41 students moved into Dhanurasana, Bow Pose.  It was such a beautiful sight to see that I just had to take a picture.  This is a testament to the dedication of this community of Yoga practitioners.  Check the calendar to see when YOU can join us!


  1. what a great picture, it is a testament to the power of Yoga that flows through you that 41 people would be up and dressed to do yoga at 8am on a Saturday….your skills as a teacher are a blessing in so many lives… happy to say that my hip actually felt better after power yoga on Wednesday! Thanks for being you!

  2. Today’s practice was wonderful also. Have a great vacation. You will be missed. You are a special gift to all of us. Vicki

  3. The picture is amazing! How we wish to be there with you. Your dedication and love to your practice and students has not wavered. You are a healer and we miss you!

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