Sunday, August 24th  9:00 – 11:30am

Northeast Community Center, Chesapeake Beach MD

When you ask people about their core, or core strength, oftentimes their first response has something to do with “abs.” But finding and building core strength goes far beyond the abdominal muscles.

In this workshop we will lengthen and strengthen the muscles in the back, sides and hips, as well as the abs.  We’ll discover how important the breath is in maintaining awareness and heat in the core.  Finally, we’ll learn how initiating movement from the core helps us to work smart, not hard. All this and not one, single sit-up!

Reserve your spot today – this workshop will fill up fast!

**Please bring a yoga mat, water and a towel.  If you have yoga blocks, bring two.**

Cost:  $36/person, Activity #512314-A

(You must have a household account w/Calvert County Parks & Recs to register online.  Call 410-257-2554 to set up your account.)


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