HAPPY NATIONAL YOGA MONTH!!!  What a way to celebrate – 1st of 30 consecutive days of practice.  Can’t wait to hear about everyone’s experience this month.  Here’s where I’ll be doing a recap of each day’s practice, and I’d love to hear about yours, too! 

I got to my mat at 6:30 a.m.  Admittedly, I opened my eyes and my first thoughts were of worry and concern about things I can’t control.  So I decided to leave them behind, and get busy with practice.  My Yoga Room is so beautiful – I lit my Om candle and away I went.  Before I knew it, all I could hear and feel was my breath, and the lingering vibration of Ommmmmmmmmm I’d just chanted.  And within seconds, a big SMILE came across my face.  It was funny, actually, because it just came out of nowhere.

Most of my asana practice is very restorative, and this week I am taking care of a tender hip.  Gomukhasana (Cow Fase Pose) was my pick this morning.  Some modified Sun Salutations, a nice big heart opener, and deep DEEP breathing in Child’s Pose.  I think there’s a misconception sometimes about what your SHOULD be.  I enjoy just listening to the messages my body gives me and moving from there.  Sometimes practice is 20 minutes, sometimes 45, sometimes 60.  Sometimes there’s no movement – just breath and meditation.

Anyway, practice is awesome and I’m just so “giddy” about it.  I found myself thinking about a teacher training I took a few years back in Radiant Child Yoga.  It’s basically Kundalini Yoga for Kids and there’s lots of work with mantras.  Suddenly the mantra “I am Happy, I am Good” came back to me, so that’s where my (SMILING) meditation practice went. 

When in doubt, say to yourself, “I am Happy, I am Good….I am Happy, I am Good…..”

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  1. Yesturday, was a very exciting day at work. So my yoga with Loretta got pushed off to yoga at home. I did the Namasta Day Yoga on TV. I thought the dogs would sit still while I did it, but that didn’t happen so much. French Fry saw me on the floor and decided it was play time. While I was doing my cat move and my child pose move I was getting how much I was loved, with a lot of wet kisses. Anyway, by show number two, I needed to get into my groove so the dogs went night night. And I realized how much I missed my wet kisses. It was all great though. And I slept well. Tonight I will be with Loretta

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