After leading a pretty intense Power Yoga class, it was very necessary for me to get home on my mat and do some hip opening.

Hip openers are therapeutic for many reasons.  Whether we are very active, or even somewhat sedentary, the entire hip region needs to be open and free to keep us more mobile, as well as save us from back pain.  Working through the whole hip region – front/back, inside/outside – will help promote healthy spines and beautiful posture.

Additionally, hip openers are a great way to release emotional stress.  Opening the hips helps us to release physical tension, which in turn will help us to create more stability in our emotional lives.

And, no practice is complete (at least for me) without a Headstand!  Anyone who knows me know I love to be upside down, and I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to feel like a kid again!  🙂

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