One of the most challenging parts of practice (for me, at least) is sitting down for meditation.  It’s easy to breathe and move, breathe and move, breathe and move.  It’s easy to let someone lead you through a practice with music playing in the background.  But it can be really intimidating sometimes to sit down and be with your own thoughts, or to concentrate on one thought, or affirmation/mantra.  We’re so busy, we’re so stressed, we’re so overloaded with outside distractions.

Start monitoring your thoughts, and pay attention (REALLY pay attention) to how many of them are negative.  How often do you come back to the same thought, event or circumstance that makes you feel uneasy or unhappy?  We’ve all got the power to get past it, to let it go because it no longer serves or supports us.  We’ve all got the power…..if we just sit down alone, light a candle, repeat an affirmation, then start to surrender.  Not easy, but definitely possible – and worth it!

Affirmation for meditation:  I go with the flow and feel the joy of life.


  1. Today is my regular yoga class at Lee Rec Center, and final one for our summer session–boy did summer fly by. My Hatha/Anusara yoga teacher, Judy, always ask on the final day of our seasonal sessions what our class would like to practice. It unaminously is “Yin” yoga. What a glorious practice I call “inner massage” and so in tune with calming the mind.

  2. I’ve been meditating for 37 years, it does get easier to the point that you can close your eyes and be in meditation instantly. The Silva Method helped me a lot. I just count 3,2,1 and there you are. Affirmations help to focus the mind in the beginning, but clearing the mind is ultimate. I like the saying “prayer is speaking to God, meditaion is listening for God to speak to you”. I have had my best ideas as I come out of a meditative state.

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