This one is for the ladies…..

“I Love and Accept Myself.”  Seems like this should be easy enough to say, right?  But have you ever tried saying it?  Have you ever looked in the mirror, when you are at (what you think is) rock-bottom, and said these words to yourself?  And if you’ve ever said it, did you mean it?

We are probably one of the most self-loathing societies that ever was.  We hold ourselves to unreasonable standards; we allow others to hold us to unreasonable expectations.

I have had so many, TOO MANY, conversations lately with women who don’t seem to like themselves very much.  Whether it’s how they look, how they act, or what their job status is – they are constantly putting themselves down.  But when it comes down to it, we are all incredibly powerful women, capable of moving mountains.  We are beautiful, passionate, compassionate, giving and loving.

Today, to honor myself and all my beautiful female friends, I sat in mediation and repeated the mantra “I Love and Accept Myself.”  I held my hands over my solar plexus, the center of self-esteem, and repeated this mantra over and over. And while I was repeating this mantra, I couldn’t help but smile.  🙂

Try it, ladies – you’ll be amazed.

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