First off……PLEASE FORGIVE MY DELAY IN MY DAILY POSTS!!  I have been out of town, visiting my grandparents in Michigan and have NO access to email.  Time to play catch-up…

My love and I are both traveling today:  I’m going to Michigan, he’s going to Alaska.  So, my morning began with lots of prayers for our safe travel, wonderful time with family and friends, and a safe journey home. 

On my flight, I began to pay lots of attention to my breathing.  While I enjoy flying, I was a little anxious about both our journeys.  So I just listened – inhale…..exhale….inhale….exhale.  I decided to pull out my iPod (which I love!), and followed a one-hour guided meditation by Pema Chodron (Thanks Rob & T!).  The whole practice was about breath awareness, nothing else.  Seems simple, right?  Not always.  You’d be amazed at the number of thoughts that arise when you’re JUST trying to focus on the breath.  But it was wonderful.  Before I knew, I had arrived!

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