Practicing Yoga alone is a lot of fun because you can take the time to really get into your own body and breath, find out how they work together, how they compliment one another.  You might move into a good hip or shoulder opener and realize “wow, this needs a little extra breath.”  In a class setting you would probably leave that pose when your instructor tells you to, but on your own, you can give your body the attention it deserves.

When you make the connection between movement and breath, Vinyasa, the practice becomes a meditation in motion, a beautiful dance of fluid movement.  You breathe into every nook and cranny of the body, then the body wraps itself around the breath.  It’s really amazing.

This morning I spent extra time in Sarvangasana (Shoulderstand) and Halasana (Plow).  Why?  Because my body, my mind, my breath and my intuition said so!

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