For those of you who attended the Master Class a couple weekends ago, you’ll remember the very specific conversation we had about obstacles.  There will be days when we will try to find every excuse in the world not to practice – errands to run, work to do, don’t feel well, not enough time – and the list goes on and on.

Today was one of those days for me.  I pulled my affirmation first thing this morning, tried to meditate on it, but had a bad case of “monkey mind.”  Feeling agitated, a little unhappy, a little stressed.  So instead of getting frustrated with meditation, I stepped away from it.  I went about my morning, taught two classes (which were wonderful, by the way).  Afterwards all I could think about on such a rainy, dreary day was taking a nap.  But I realized that my reasoning for taking a nap was to just “escape.” Soooo…..I went to my room, got on my mat, did some (very necessary) hip openers and other restorative poses, and repeated my affirmation the entire time.

Do I feel better?  Yes.  I’m glad I chose not to escape.  I’m glad I didn’t give in to obstacles.  I’m glad I chose to take care of ME.

Affirmation for meditation:  I now let go of all negativity that rests in my mind and my body.

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  1. OK, I’ve done pigeon pose enough now, that it’s almost one of my favorites, which is good since I rarely choose it before. And I don’t get as sore the next day….unless…am I doing it wrong ? ….you’re supposed to be sore?

    Still trying to like bridge pose, but during Beth’s tuesday class at World Gym, she mentioned a variation with arms overhead, I liked it better, maybe I’ll keep trying it !

    Also have incorporated more variations in my tried and true long time practice, which altho is good and has served me well, needed update and tuning.

    I keep getting the affirmation…..I trust in the Process of Life….
    OK, maybe i will !

    Thanks Beth, for keeping us going!

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