What an AMAZING morning!  Crisp, cool air, open windows….Autumn is just around the corner. 

Do you ever find it difficult to settle in to your practice?  You know, tune in to what you’re doing?  That’s where I was this morning – trying to ground myself and get connected to my practice.  I lit my candle, chanted Om, said my prayers, then started breathing.  For a few minutes I felt like I was just going through the motions, without any intention.  My mind was wandering, and it kept coming back to one particular thing that had me unsettled.  By about my 2nd Sun Salutation, I dropped down into Child’s Pose and said to this disturbance, out loud “Get off my mat, this is about ME.” 

And so I went on, and the rest of my practice was FABULOUS.  Pigeon Pose was calling me this morning, as well as Bridge Pose.  Bridge Pose is great if you don’t feel called to practice an inversion.  A lot of the same benefits as Shoulderstand – especially that great massage for the thyroid gland. 

As I moved toward meditation I briefly came back to what was troubling me at the beginning of practice.  So I pulled out my Chakra Meditation book, and a mantra jumped out at me:  I release ideas that are no longer useful.  Who knows…..maybe this mantra will jump out at you, too.

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  1. I’ve just finished my Day 2 practice and, yes, I find it difficult to settle in sometimes, especially since it isn’t until the end of a long workday that I can take to my mat. Thank you for both messages: “Get off my mat . . . ” and “I release ideas . . . ” I will try them tomorrow if I can’t settle in.

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