When I began practicing yoga 10 years ago, it was because of my best friend from high school, Tammy.  She gave me a video tape (yes, it was a VHS and not a DVD) and said, “here, you have to try this.”  It was a Baron Baptiste Power Yoga video.  So I did, and the rest is history…

To me it seems fitting that, after all the change I’ve moved through recently,  I re-establish some roots.  So this morning, I’m at Tammy’s house, practicing again with Baron Baptiste (only this time it is a DVD) – back to where it all started.

My affirmation this morning for meditation : “I choose love, I choose life, I choose joy.”




  1. What a beautiful day! Went running with my son and even got him to start the run with some deep breathing. Afterwards, i had a short restorative practice (20 minutes) and focused on just a few poses. Beth, thanks for sharing the link to Yoga Journal. On the way home yesterday, we were talking about wanting to develop a flow in our home practice. On the yoga journal site, under the tab Poses, there is a way to create your own sequence. Paula, check it out–I am thinking it would help to develop a series of practices that have some fluidity between poses and don’t require repetition. Hope that makes sense and that all of you in our “community” have peace on day two.

  2. Day 2 and the excuse temptation has already hit. My plan was to practice in the evenings, but an unexpected invitation from a colleague for an evening social engagement had me conflicted. I’ve decided to not choose between two things that make me happy (I’m also working on being more social lately), but instead do both by carving out a little time to practice in my office at the end of the day, before going out with my friends. I’m still struggling with finding a time of day that I can consistently set aside for yoga. Anyone interested in sharing how they are making time?

  3. Day 2
    Had a restorative 30 min practice before work.
    This evening I started thinking about the question Beth asked on Sunday:
    I was thinking about why I was here and what I would like to get out of a 30 day yoga intention.

    I always take a positive experience away from any yoga practice: renewed physical confidence; a still mind/peaceful heart; energy; relaxation; deeper compassion for humankind; greater connectedness…I could go on. The benefits for mind, body and soul are obvious.

    And yet, I am exactly the person Beth described on Sunday. I procrastinate. I resist. I fight. Any other task I can think of will suddenly appear less threatening, intimidating. What the hell is going on?!!

    And so, I’ve decided that maybe my intention for a thirty day yoga practice is surrender. I want to surrender to a process I don’t fully understand. Surrender control. Allow it to happen. Let go. Discover! Well, we’ll see…

  4. Day 2
    I decided I was going to stay in bed the morning instead of doing my yoga practice. When I got home work and took care of few things. I decided it was my time to practice yoga. So I started my practice at 9pm. I really tried to push it off, but now I am really glad I had the 45 minute practice. Yeah yoga!

  5. The more I do yoga, and experience each different style of teachers, the more I love yoga. So this is a no brainer.

  6. I agree with Pattea about the different styles/routines/sequences of the various teachers. Each teacher seems to bring something new to the practice. I used to avoid folks whomI didn’t know, but I’ve found it enjoyable and edifying to go to classes led by a wide variety of teachers.

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