After class tonight, I decided to come home and take care of the two “ends” of the body – the feet and head.  Think about it….how much time do you spend on them?

The feet…..they are the foundation.  They hold us up, allow us to travel from one place to the next.  Heck, in Yoga class we even practice standing on just one of the feet!  The feet are the center of our stability, and they need lots of attention (aside from pedicures, which are really nice, too!) .  It is said that the feet are the home of hundreds of pressure points, or meridians, that allow our energy/prana/qi to flow freely throughout the entire body, thus bringing us better health.  When you massage your feet, you activate these points, get the blood flowing and assist in “clearing out” any blockages that may be lingering in other areas of the body.  Massaging the feet stimulates circulation and helps them to feel open and flexible and alive!  Get into your feet – massage the toes and spread them apart; massage the ball of the foot down to the heel.  Rub the fingers over the ankles, and roll the ankles joints in one direction, then the other.

The head….it houses our brain, the powerhouse of the nervous system.  It’s where we store our knowledge, our thoughts, our memories.  Every bit of the head shows how we age – gray hair, crows feet, laugh lines.  Our face is a direct reflection of the quality and happiness in our lives.  Massage the scalp, and gently tug on the hair from the root.  Move down to the base of the skull, the axis, and let your thumbs lift the head up just slightly.  Let the fingertips massage the bones in the face – the eyes, the sinuses, the creases in the jaw, and from the neck up to the ears.  Lastly, get into a Headstand!  Send the blood flow to the head, stimulate the nervous system, activate the endorphins in the brain and send those wrinkles packing by defying gravity!

To me, what’s most important is that the head is our direct connection to clear sight and divinity.  And when I feel the need to deepen that connection, I practice Headstand, then I meditate.  Placing the head on the ground is symbolic of humility; allowing your world to be turned upside-down and trusting that all you need will be provided.

Remember the feet and head – stability and divinity.

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