This is a very unique time in our lives, one I’m sure many of us hope to never experience again.  But as we recover, rebuild, regroup – it’s important to remember that Yoga is everywhere.  It’s in your awareness and mindfulness as you clean the branches out of the yard.  It’s the breath you take, before you speak, so you can respond kindly instead of reacting harshly.  It’s the heartfelt smile you give, and eye-to-eye contact you make, as you hold a door for a stranger.

Practice Yoga everywhere, every day.


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  1. It was a lovely morning for yoga outside on the deck, noticing the missing branches that used to canopy over my practice. Sept. starts the best time to practice outside breathing in the fresh oxygen and energy from the trees that still remain, and hearing the natural sounds of crickets and birds, and maybe a toad or two:). Practicing non-judgement throughout every minute of everyday, to me is the hardest and most needed for all humans. Accepting ourselves, and others just the way we are. Allowing each to be on their own journey the way that is best for them. Beth, I love the last two sentences that you shared in this post!

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