After leading a Hot Vinyasa practice this morning, I wanted to stay and actually take a class.  But I could feel a headache coming on (needed food!) and decided to practice with OnDemand instead.  I found a nice practice, albeit short – I added some inversions and a long Savasana.

Then I grabbed my mala beads and started chanting the  Gayatri Mantra .  It truly is one of my favorites.  Now, this link to the Gayatri Mantra is beautiful, but if you’re reading this at work I have to let you know that there is audio attached to the link.  If you are not comfortable having a group of people listening along, you may want to wait before you click.  🙂

Chanting is a means of preserving health and well-being. Even medical science  has accepted this. Research shows that the use of sound can stabilize heart  rate, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, produce endorphins and aid the  process of metabolism.  Just the vibration of the sound you create is enough to get your whole being buzzing.

Find a mantra, short or long, or simply sing a song!  Let your voice be heard!

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  1. My affirmation for the date couldn’t be more fitting for the day. “I am safe in the universe, and all life loves and supports me.” It is an emotionally charged day for everyone, and this affirmation along with some great hip openers helped to ease those emotions.

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