This morning I felt the need to breathe…..REALLY breathe.  It’s such an automatic function that we often forget about bringing any awareness to it.  Long, smooth cycles of breath, intense Kapala Bhati breath, alternate nostril breathing.  Once I felt like I cleared my sinuses and my lungs, I spent time using the breath as my focus for meditation.  This is one of the most basic, beneficial styles of meditation.  Breathe, clear the mind….breathe, clear the mind.  How great is that?


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  1. GREAT! CREATE, EXPLORE, RENEW, ENERGIZE! This is YOU & YOUR life! So..You have the power to choose in every moment. You can choose to react w/ feelings of fear & judgement or you can choose peace. The experience of your life rests in your hands… This week, I be choosin’ PEACE, my friend! 😉

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