Morning – LOTS of Pranayama and Meditation.  Feels so great to breathe, energize and clear out the lower lungs.

Afternoon – LOTS of back-to-back breathing, and LOTS of hip openers.  That right hip is “stuck” again.  I know what I have to work on, and it ain’t physical.



  1. Beth got me to join her in the back to back breathing, Felt good cleared the lungs. Believe it or not cleared the mind. I am learing!!!

  2. Monday I did a 1 1/2 hour Anusara practice based on using the knowledge we already have for our foundation in our yoga practice, and life, and also letting go, surrendering, opening our heart (where all the knowledge we need is stored) to allow the knowledge of the universe an opportunity to come through. A lot of heart opening, letting go and surrendering in each asana. I’ll be doing this one until I feel some blocks in my heart open and release. It’s a powerful practice for mind, body, emotions and spiritual connection.

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