(I am lumping days 29 & 30 together because my practice has been nearly the same each day)

ALLERGY SEASON….. Need I say more?  I haven’t really suffered much from allergies in the last five years.  But this week in particular – boy, oh boy, have I been feeling stuffy!  Stuffy nose, itchy eyes and face, raspy throat.  Many of you probably know exactly what I’m talking about.

My physical practice (and even teaching, for that matter) has been different this week, simply because forward bends, Downward Facing Dog, and inversions are not comfortable at all.  So, I’ve opted for a (still challenging) change in my practice – PRANAYAMA.

Pranayama translates to breath control – bringing awareness and concentration to each inhale and exhale, and it’s a very important part of Yoga practice.  But when you’re suffering from allergy symptoms, practicing Pranayama can also bring relief to those symptoms.

Each day I cleanse my sinuses with a neti pot (get one if you don’t have one – a must-have!).  This helps to clean out any dirt/allergens and congestion in the nasal passages.  I also spend some practicing Anuloma Viloma/alternate nostril breathing.  Another great way to help open up blockages in the sinuses.

Even if you don’t suffer from allergies, practicing Pranayama is a wonderful way to develop concentration, increase your lung capacity, stimulate all the systems in the body, and give you more energy.

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