DAY 3 – WHY?

Why are my shoulders and neck so tight this morning?  Why does my mind keep wandering?  Why can’t I keep my breath steady like yesterday?  Why do I want to just stay in child’s pose?

Despite the obvious chatter going on in my mind, I actually did have a nice practice this morning.  We all go through it.  We all look for excuses not to get on our mat, not to be aware of our movement and breath, not to sit in silence.  But if you’re going to make a commitment to show up for yourSELF, there can no longer be excuses.  It has to turn into excitement, that feeling of “I can’t wait to get on my mat and practice for ME!”

Mantra for this morning’s meditation:  I forgive myself.



  1. On Day two I added pigeon and bridge to my “normal routine”. It was good. I did them again on Day three. I’m breaking out of my rut. Yeah!
    Tomorrow is an early work day – be there at 5 am….I sometimes skip my routine…..but I will work something in….maybe keep pigeon and bridge going another day…!
    I trust in the Process of Life ! – my affirmation card

  2. I am a Daily OM and Daily OM Horoscope follower. They just seem to speak to me, or, I forward them on to ones I love who I think would benefit with the thought(s). I have been using Natasha Rizopoulos’ 3 DVDs “Step by Step” for a couple of years in my home practice.

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