DAY 31 – GOING FOR 40!!!

For those of you who have ventured into the 30-day practice, and completed the 30-day practice…… Why not go for 40?!?!

It is said that the number 40 has spiritual significance.  40 days to bring about spiritual transformation, to have a purifying effect.  A person 40 years of age attains true understanding.  40 days of rain purified the world, and so on…..  Regardless of your belief system, there is a very positive effect of practicing for 40 consecutive days.

There is no guarantee that you’ll be an “enlightened” being after 40 days, but I’ll guarantee you’ll be looking at the world differently.  You’ll be more compassionate, and less judgmental.  If you are committed to the next 10 days and “Going for 40,” I will offer this suggestion for your practice:  Meditation.   Meditation, meditation, meditation.  Sit quietly, and listen.  Offer loving-kindness to someone you need to forgive, or to someone who simply presents a challenge to your life.

For example, “I forgive you, _________ .  May you be safe.  May you be happy.  May you be healthy.”   Maybe fill in the blank with a different name each day?  Maybe on day 40 you fill in the blank with your own name?

For the next 10 days, in addition to your asana practice, meditate – for at least 20 minutes each day.  You do have 20 minutes every day.

Let’s do this.


  1. I love this idea to add to our asana practice at least 20 mins. of meditation each day. This will be powerful for those who choose to add this discipline…and after a physical practice our minds are so ready to enjoy the quietness, stillness within. Great idea!

  2. The last 30 days have flown by. I haven’t been on my mat every day, but most days and I have learned to forgive myself for the occasional time when I cant make it. For me, this 30-day practice has helped to bring the self-awareness of yoga to my everyday life. One example is when I find myself procrastinating on a task, I think to look inward and examine how I feel about it and what barriers I’m putting up, so that I may work through the feelings and accomplish what I want to accomplish. They say it takes at least 30 days to make a habit, so I’m looking forward to sharing 10 more days with everyone to get the mindfulness habit fully ingrained!

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