A few days ago, I downloaded a Yoga video from an instructor whose style I am completely drawn to.  Today I finally got on my mat, and moved through an amazing 90-minute “body prayer.”  I reconnected to something in me, and in my practice, that I think might have been missing for a little while.  I got back to a true feeling of interconnectedness between the body, mind, heart and spirit.  I got back to the result of holding on to the past – it manifests itself physically.  I got back to result of attachment to negativity – it manifests itself physically.  I got back to how you start letting those things go:  you get into your body, into a physically uncomfortable pose that shows where you hang onto to emotional baggage, and you stay there.  You breathe in it, you resist the urge to get out of it.  Because when your mind is telling you get out, your body can usually stay there.  So you stay there.  You send the breath to those tight areas, think about what you’re holding onto, and you stay there until you feel some surrender.

Physically challenging?  Yes.  Worth it?  Without a doubt…

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