Ahhhhh…….Savasana……you know what I’m talking about…..that amazing pose at the end of a rigorous Yoga practice where you get to lay back and do nothing.  Savasana is so necessary at the end of the practice because it gives you the opportunity to let the body and mind drink in all the wonderful benefits of all the poses you’ve just done.  Savasana is known as Corpse Pose – it signifies the end, or the death, of your practice.  But it can also be a place where you can “die” to the things in life that no longer serve you – old thoughts, old feelings, old habits.

Have you ever gotten on your mat and just rested in Savasana?  Today I got on my mat and rested in Savasana for nearly 30 minutes.  Relax – let the body sink down.  Breathe – deeply for a few minutes, then softly.  Relax – the jaw, shoulders, hips.  Think – about as little as possible.  Relax – let all worries, responsibilities and troubles go.


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