I met a friend at the Calvert Wine and Arts Fair, held at All Saints Episcopal Church in Sunderland.  The weather was fabulously and sunny (aside from the gusty winds), and the local vendors showed off their talents in woodworking, basket weaving, cooking, jewelry making and more.

What I truly love about this location is that there is a labyrinth at the top of the hill that you can walk through.  As it is described, “You can walk a labyrinth alone while meditating on a single word, mantra or passage, while concentrating on a question that is troubling you, or simply just allowing your mind to focus on the movement of your body. You can walk a labyrinth with others and see an enactment of human life as others move closer and farther away during the journey, but eventually all arrive in the center. You can walk slowly or quickly. You can walk to honor an important event, such as a birth or a death. You can find in a labyrinth a place to put aside your troubles and anxieties, and find peace and relaxation.”

I set an intention, offered up a question, began walking and breathing.  Twisting and turning, barefoot in the grass, sitting in the middle of the labyrinth opening myself up for answers.

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  1. I was there 2, Beth w/ Danny, 1 daughter & 2 grandgirls.
    Would’ve loved 4 U 2 meet them! 2 bad we didn’t see each other. How’d U like the wines?

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