A personal lesson learned from yesterday’s experience on the mat:  “Get the affirmation first.”  It would have served me greatly while I was being so hard on myself.

A reminder from Sunday’s workshop:  I sweat profusely in hip openers.  I could be practicing on the North Pole, and if you put me in a hip opener for any length of time, the sweat starts pouring.  And I know why.  I know what I’m holding onto in this area.  I also know what I need to let go of in order to free up the physical tension in my hips, as well as the emotional agitation that arises in hip openers.  So this morning I did a (very necessary) 100-minute practice led by Seane Corn and it was packed with LONG, DEEP hip openers.

Affirmation for meditation, which I used throughout my whole practice:  I attract only healthy relationships.

If we in this world have any intention to heal and grow and change, we have to be willing to do the work.







  1. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAmen. I wish I could do the 100min Hip Opener, but I’m not ready to get up that early ;).

  2. I have made it to Day 4! Yesterday was very stressful helping little children understand an earthquake and reassuring them that we were safe. My affirmation for today was, “We are safe, and I have a loving family.” I was able to do a long practice today, since our schools were closed. I feel like the little engine that could, “I think I can, I know I can.” Have a great day! Lauren

  3. I’m not a morning yogi so I’m just now doing my practice, I luv doing my practice in the soft glow of (battery) candles and quietness of the night with the gentle sounds of my many mind calming CDs. Meditation is my morning and last thing routine before I turn out the lights.

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