Yesterday’s practice was amazing – super deep hip openers, super big backbends, and a lot of reflection intertwined.  I felt the effects of it all day and evening – through power struggles.  The hips are where we hold on to our issues with control, vengeance, and anything that deals with one-on-one relationships.  All of that came out yesterday, and it was an emotionally charged day.  But I’m relieved those emotions surfaced, and I’m praying it was a means of release, of finally letting go of feelings that are destructive.  This, I believe, leads to the path of forgiveness.

Mantra meditation at the beginning of  practice.  Gentle, loving, nurturing asanas, and a LONG time in Shoulderstand.

Affirmation for meditation:  I am emotionally well balanced.  Something tells me I’ll be repeating this to myself all day.

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  1. Wonderful practice today, since this is my 1 1/2 hr regular yoga class at Lee Rec Center in VA, we are doing “the wave” which helps loosen the spine, concentrated on Tadasana lying on our backs and thru the rest of our pratice. Beth, you mentioned this in our class on Sun, Tadasana, is throughout all poses. Just a joyful day. (We felt an aftershock this am around 1:11A)

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