There are days when you come to the mat and everything is seamless.  The breath wraps itself around the poses, the poses are strong and solid, the mind is focused.  It really is a beautiful experience when the pieces fall into place.

This morning was not one of those days.  I woke up with a smile, had light-hearted conversation before practice, played with my dog.  I am very happy today.  Practice, on the other hand, was not that way – mainly because I felt a little scatter-brained.  My breath was smooth, but not even.  My body was a little sore, making movement more challenging.  And my thoughts……they went from laundry, to cleaning dirt off my mat, to what I should incorporate into my classes, to money and buying a house, and on and on and on…..

By the time I sat for meditation, I felt agitated, and it was difficult.  Sometimes it didn’t even seem like I was repeating my mantra correctly.  So I sat with it, tried not to judge it, breathed as best I could.  When I was done, I gave thanks like I always do, then moved on with the rest of my morning.

How often does this happen to you?


  1. Yes, this oftens happens to me. In fact, too often. I swear I have A.D.D., but I freakin’ HATE labels, so I don’t allow myself to truly buy it. So, sometimes I come to the mat IN FRONT OF A CLASS and feel out-of-sorts. I really hate that, because I believe they can tell.

    Lately, though, my practices have been smooth and peaceful. Good comments from class members, and I’m gaining the confidence I thought would never come, at first. I need more training. I can read only so much. I need one-on-one training.

  2. Lisa my fellow YOGI~
    Even as an “instructor” remember…ALWAYS LEARNING!
    Would LOVE 2 offer an instructor/close friend practice to delve deeper/learn from one another & further our experience.
    I could host it here. Something 2 consider…
    Waitin 4 my YOGA YURT…

  3. Back 2 the term “scatter brained”…I had 2 ask my class if we had already done the tree/balance series on the L foot..
    @ the 6:30PM class…
    That’s ‘cuz my biorhythms were all outta whack from Being @ the gym by 7AM to teach YOGA..YES! A personal record…
    Earliest gym entry PRIOR was teaching @ 8AM!
    Thinkin’ outside the BOX WORKS 4 me…Expand w/ the inhalation..Lengthen & continue & MELT down
    w/ the Exhalation…

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