Started the day with meditation.  Affirmation for meditation:  The past is over.  I got totally lost in the meditation for nearly 30 minutes, and realized how profound an effect it’s had on me all day.  I lead practice this morning and got requests for hip and shoulder openers.  What better way to start ridding yourself of the past?  Open up the hips, start releasing all that past hurts, grudges, resentments, etc.  Open up the shoulders (and the heart), give all the stuff you just loosened in the hips a place to free itself – through the heart center, where you can send it away with love and forgiveness.

Easier said than done, you say?  Maybe in just one practice.  But if you continually focus on the energetic side of your practice and allow the past to free itself on your mat, who knows what can happen?

That’s what my practice was about this afternoon.  Open the hips, open the heart and shoulders.  Then, just so I can reiterate to myself that I’m really not in control, turn my world upside-down with inversions – tripod headstand, supported headstand, forearm stand and shoulderstand.  Whew….  The things you have to come to grips with when you look beyond the physical and use your mat as a means of healing.

God willing, I’ll start putting the past where it belongs….in the past.






  1. So sad I missed your morning class. Kathleen said it was really great.
    AND a day of inversions…awesome.

  2. No better way then to start off a day in Meditation, giving thanks for our blessings. My mantra, affirmation, always “my mind is calm, my heart is open.”

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