Have you ever brought your awareness to your spine during Yoga practice?  I mean REALLY pay attention to what the spine can do?  I found myself really intrigued by my spine this morning.  Every movement I made, I realized the spine just follows right along.  Cat/cow – try not only arching and rounding the spine, but letting the spine curve left and right with the hips.  Same thing if you’re standing in Tadasana/Mountain Pose. 

I’m amazed at what the spine can do.  Think about it – it moves forward and backward; it curves left and right; it twists side to side; it supports the weight of your head perfectly on one little vertebra; it lengthens (slightly) when you pay more attention to your posture.  And that’s just movement….it houses and protects the nerve channel that allows your whole body to move.  AND, it’s the home of the energy centers/chakras that get prana flowing freely.

Next time you’re on your mat, get to know your spine.  Keep it healthy – physically and energetically – and you’ll notice a difference in every aspect of your life!

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  1. I got to know my spine on Day 7 . . . bringing awareness to the spine wasn’t easy at first, but great once I got into it. Thanks for the tip.

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