My mental alarm clock went off at 4:20 this morning.   Really?  Ok, let’s go with it.  Stay up, toss and turn, make a phone call, toss and turn, reset the alarm clock, toss and turn.  Ok – just get up, grab an affirmation, and go with it.  That’s what I did – I went with it.  Sitting, breathing, repeating this affirmation over and over.  It’ll all be just fine.

Affirmation for meditation:  I am willing to forgive.


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  1. Some days you just want nothing more than to stay in bed. I feel like my yoga practice has really changed that mentality within me. I had to be at work late last night, and I didn’t get home till after midnight. To make matters even more interesting I was told that I had to come back in tonight and stay through the duration of Irene. My previous way of dealing with this would be to go home and sleep for as long as possible, but my body couldn’t help but get excited for power yoga. It didn’t matter if it was early or not, knowing how much it helps to release tension and bring my focus where it needed to be was all the motivation I needed. Great practice today Beth!

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