In light of the events of the past week – earthquake (both literal and personal), and the hurricane (both literal and personal), I felt like it was necessary to continue with the practice of detox.  The Detox Flow Yoga is led by Seane Corn (see Day 8 ) and today I did the advanced practice.  It is a sequence of flowing, core stimulation, decompression, compression and twisting that really gets everything moving in your body – physical and emotional.  It seems I’ve been in fight-or-flight mode for so long that I haven’t realized how much I needed to hunker down and start releasing all my “stuff.”

There comes a time in everyone’s life where we have to let go of all the crap we’ve been clinging to – the crap we think will shield us, protect us, make us impenetrable.  The most moving part of practice this morning was a statement Seane Corn made about forgiveness:  “The inability to forgive is a poison we take in, hoping someone else will die.”

Affirmation for meditation:  I experience love wherever I go.

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  1. When we think about forgiveness, we should ask ourselves if the person we are trying to forgive hurt us intentionally. Or is our hurt a result of our own perception of the situation. Maybe the person we should forgive is ourselves for allowing ourselves to take on this hurt, forgive ourselves for judging the other for what they have done. Yes, letting go of judgement of what the other person has done. We don’t know why or what lessons the other person is here on earth to learn, nor do we know what part they play in our lives, maybe to teach us something of value we don’t have the capacity to see just yet. So, let’s free ourselves from emotional bondage by forgiving ourselves, and letting go of judgement. The yoga perspective.

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