Health & Wellness Coaching: 30-Day Reset (Janet)


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The truth is, there are no quick fixes when it comes to Health & Wellness.  It takes work and commitment to break old habits and create new, healthy ones.  Successful habit change is more achievable when you’ve got someone in your corner who believes in you, supports you, cheers you on and gives you the kick in the pants when you need it!

30-Day Reset
Let’s say you already maintain a lifestyle of healthy habits – clean diet, regular movement/exercise routine, joyful disposition, a schedule that includes self-care and stress-relieving activities.  But for some reason, you’ve fallen off track.  Maybe you indulged too much on vacation, or over the holidays.  Maybe you were planning a wedding and let the stress get to you.  For whatever reason, you need a reset.

Get Ready for 30 Days of Reclaiming Your Healthy Habits!
The 30-day Reset consists of:

  • Setting the goals that put you back on track
  • Five (5) coaching sessions with ME!
  • 7-Day cleanse centered around the foods that give you energy, boost your immune system, and keep your digestive system running smoothly (optional)
  • A realistic and pleasurable exercise/movement schedule that fits into your busy life
  • Between-session check-ins via text to keep you feeling supported (and accountable)

Investment:  $329


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