Yoga off the Mat

I recently returned from a SPECTACULAR 7-night Southern Caribbean cruise!  It was a vacation full of adventure, relaxation, fun and love.  During this time, I was struck at how often I embraced the foundation and benefits of Yoga, off the mat.

The passengers on the ship represented 42 different nationalities.  Finding balance among such cultural diversity was truly a gift.  There is a universal language that all people seem to speak, through smiles. 

Physically, I called upon Yoga’s benefits of strength, balance, flexibility and concentration.  While in Antigua, we went on a zipline excursion, and I was able to find control in speed – all while flying through the rainforest!  On the ship, I took a stab at the 40-foot rock climbing wall!  I made it to the top and rang that bell on the first try! 

All this reminded me of one incredible gift Yoga has to offer – overcoming fear.  Trust and believe in yourself, remember that fear is all illusion, and anything is possible.

Don’t forget to take YOUR Yoga off the mat


  1. I love this post. When I am stressed at work or even if it has just been a long day, I step back and take some deep three part breaths. It’s amazing how different I feel and how i now notice my “shallow breaths” that make me feel tense.
    Congrats on the wall climb!

  2. Beth-you truly look like a pro! You would think you were an avid rock wall climber by looking at the photos. YOUR smile tells all. Glad you had such a wonderful trip and thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Beth, this is a wonderful post and I hope to read more of them in the future. I am a tad disappointed that I couldn’t sneak off (read: I guess my invite got lost in the mail, LOL) and zip-line with you. I bet that was amazing.Thanks for sharing your stories, “off the mat.”

  4. My heart is soaring! ROCK ON, my sweet kindred sister. So very happy for you!!!!!!!

  5. That is definitely one functional body moving up that wall!!! Yeah for yoga!!!

  6. Just got home, tired,and couldn’t make your class. While I was out I picked up a CD entitled “Balance”, last song on it is called “Believe,” and that is exactly what you have helped me do through your friendship and yoga practice. Yoga off the mat has most definitely become a part of my healing. Wonderful message in your post. Great pictures of amazing you…SMILE!

  7. Your smile shows just how victorious you were feeling! You go, girl!! Glad you had a great trip 🙂

  8. Wow Beth, awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Beth, my most awesome Yoga instructor, you continue to be such an inspiration to me. I have so very far to go toward my RYT, but I am enjoying the journey. I am happy that you are happy. Congratulations on ringing that bell, girlfriend! It is true: there is no star out of your reach when you believe in yourself and overcome any fears that might be standing in your path.


  10. Chelsea Augustine

    That’s my Beth 😉


  11. Looks like a good time! Glad you had fun. Thanks for bringing yoga into my life. I look forward to continued learning and challenges.

  12. U Rock. You are such a delight. So glad I get do some of your yoga (Yoga on the Beach–just love it) sessions when I’m over visiting my dear friend Vicki.


    Patti (Pattea)

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